Thursday, June 6, 2013

Monthly Budget

Everyone loves to have a little extra money to spend and that money can always be there with a proper monthly budget (and some shopping self-control). I am definitely not always the impulse buyer but I'll admit, even I have those days when I'll walk out of Kate Spade with a new pair of glasses. Of course, I feel so much remorse afterward, I'll probably return them; That's beside the point. The moral of this story is that I bought a new car and need a new budget system. I spent at least a good hour creating this Excel template for a budget that works for me. I'm attaching it in hopes that it'll be of some help to you. Mind you, my budget doesn't include a section for the cost of children necessities or home payment.

I am combining the written part of this budget with Dave Ramsey's Envelope system. It'll take a few months to determine exactly how much you NEED [not want] in each section of the envelopes but that comes. the point is to be able to save and prosper when it comes to your money. Oh boy, I am in for quite a ride when my first car payment comes in; I've sat in the seat of that coaster with the insurance bill alone.

To download the Printable Monthly Budget:
To edit document, select the link above;
The file will open in Google Docs.
At the top, select "File"
Followed by "Make a Copy"
Rename and edit as you please:)

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